I have been utilizing the services of Killarney Dental for a number of years now, and I can give nothing but praise for their professionalism.

When I visited them, my teeth were in a sorry state, but through both their expertise, things were restored to how they should be.

Their years of experience as a Dentist, comes through in any situation you may have. I always have full confidence in his ability & skills.

Angela as a Hygienist is second to none. I wish she had been my hygienist years ago, as I would have paid more attention to my teeth. She has helped me in so many wonderful ways, for which I will be always grateful.

Killarney Dental is a professional practice, where I always feel totally at home, as the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The amenities are smart & modern, and the Flat White I am served by Lucy, the Receptionst,  will rival any barista in Takapuna!

To anyone out there seeking a Dental Practice, I can highly recommend Killarney Dental. You won’t be disappointed.


Bruce Matthews,