Cosmetic Dentistry

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More and more people are becoming curious about cosmetic dentistry and what it has to offer them. Essentially it is any aspect of dentistry which improves your appearance and smile. Once the domain of actors, models and the very wealthy, advances in the field have made cosmetic dentistry available to everyone.

Cosmetic dentistry consists of any procedure used to improve the look and health of your smile including teeth whitening, veneers, sculpting, gum contouring and straightening.

There are two types of veneers: Porcelain Veneers and a more affordable and cost effective option, Composite Resin Veneers both of which you can choose with a customised treatment plan to suit your budget, lifestyle and expectations.

One of the most crucial aspects of cosmetic dentistry is that your smile looks natural whilst allowing you to have a stunning smile in almost any colour, shape and style. Jeremy will enhance the shape, size, luminosity, colour and masculinity/femininity of your smile.

Being such an art it requires knowledge of tooth shapes, morphology, translucency and the principles of Digital Smile Design (DSD). Digital Smile Design is one of the unique services offered at our practice where we plan and customise a smile that suits you. This is followed by creating the smile design digitally for you to view prior to the procedure as well as trialling the design in your mouth.

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Facial aesthetics and smile design are about more than just teeth – it’s about all the elements of the face and how they work together to achieve the most beautiful and natural smile. We don’t use the traditional method of smile design because it focuses on creating perfectly symmetrical teeth, which in an asymmetrical frame like the face actually creates disharmony.

The personal, social and professional benefits for many are amazing and for some can be life changing. This can have a great impact on self confidence, career prospects and social interactions. Almost any smile, whether it is discoloured, crowded or missing teeth can be made to look great.

Quality cosmetic dentistry is a combination of experience, artistic flair, planning, modern techniques, design and the careful selection of materials and technology. Treatment can be done immediately or over a period of time to suit your circumstances.

Contact our friendly team today for a free cosmetic consultation, where we will advise you on what is possible, listen to what you would like to achieve and work out a customised treatment plan to suit your budget, lifestyle and expectations. A great smile can be a lot less painful or expensive than you think. Find out how we can create a beautiful smile so that you can smile with confidence.