Teeth Whitening Tips

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Is it time spent at the beach, picnics and barbecues, nights of fun with friends and end of year celebrations?

With summer fast approaching, gleaming white teeth and a wide smile convey an air of confidence and is one of the first things people notice when they meet you.

With all that in mind, foods such as coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks and dessert – perfect for social occasions, also perfect for staining teeth. While some courageous souls might sacrifice their morning caffeine fix, most Kiwis aren’t so brave. If you’re part of the majority the following tips will help you minimize staining throughout the festive season.


Regular brushing keeps the teeth clean and clear of surface stains. Brush your teeth twice daily with toothpaste for at least two minutes. While brushing make sure you brush your tongue. This will improve teeth whitening, freshen your breath and clean your mouth removing bacteria.


It doesn’t matter how much you brush, a toothbrush cannot get rid of all leftover food and plaque in between the teeth. Regular flossing keeps gums well maintained removing plaque, red wine stains, bad breath and will improve teeth whitening.

Snack on crunchy fruits and veggies

Mildly abrasive fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots or celery not only provide the body with essential nutrients, but also act as a natural toothbrush by gently scrubbing off small bits of plaque that have gathered on the teeth and gums and will improve teeth whitening.

Lipstick with a hint of blue

Blue tones around the mouth can make teeth appear whiter, so when shopping for new make-up  consider red lipsticks with blue undertones or lipsticks with a cool, neutral tone. This will make your smile appear brighter by offsetting any yellow colouration on the teeth. Avoid coral and orange-based lipsticks that can make the teeth appear more yellow.

Avoid smoking

Smoking and nicotine will leave unsightly brownish deposits which slowly soak into the tooth structure causing discolouration.

Dental hygienist

Regular, 6 monthly visits to your dental hygienist will ensure that your gums are in optimal condition as well as removing tarter build up, ensuring that flossing and brushing is effective. Remember that only your dentist hygienist can remove tartar, so it’s essential to cavity prevention.

Regular dental check-ups

Having a dental check up will ensure teeth are healthy and free from decay, old discoloured fillings and fractured teeth. Stained, yellow teeth can often cause awkwardness. No wonder teeth whitening procedures are getting so popular. If it’s got to the point you are too embarrassed to smile, that’s when you need a full assessment provided by an experienced dentist who is a practitioner of appearance dentistry.

Tooth whitening procedures can be extremely effective

Whether you’re lightening your existing tooth colour if you have natural teeth or you have dentures, crowns and veneers there are plenty of options available. For more information phone or contact us for a free cosmetic consultation and see how Dr Bywater can create a new smile for you.

A sparkling white smile can be more achievable than you think. We’ll help you get your DAZZLE on by putting your best smile forward this summer.

Phone us in Takapuna on 09 486 1605 or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any queries you may have.