Stay safe moving in and out of your bubble during the Covid-19 lockdown

This video demonstrates why it’s so important to wash your hands like a dentist at the moment.
You should do this whenever you are going outside of your bubble, or have returned from outside of your bubble; or have touched something which has come into your bubble from outside.
My whole family practiced this in front of the screen a few times to get the movements memorised.
It’s also worth printing off this A4 and put it where everyone can see it while washing their hands as well.

If you have been to the supermarket then it’s important to clean products when you bring them into your house. It is recommended that divide your kitchen bench or table into two halves for unloading your items; a clean side and a dirty side.

Soap and detergent can be used on some items and packaging, but soap and detergent are not formulated or approved to be used on fruit and vegetables, and instead these should be washed as usual with water, and peeled and cooked where appropriate. At home, our typical practice is to soak our fruit and veg in a sink full of water with a teaspoon of baking soda, and a splash of apple cider vinegar followed by a rinse with plain water afterwards,

however this is for cleaning purposes only and there is no evidence to suggest that this solution would kill any virus that might be present on the surface.

Sydney-based virologist Timothy Newsome told last week that while “every surface is a hazard” – even vegetables – extreme measures aren’t necessary. You cannot get risk down to zero, but if you look at how people have got infected, they’re not being infected through those kind of supply chains,” he told

While at the supermarket try to maintain the 2 meter distancing from others, use the hand sanitizer when arriving and leaving in a similar manner to the washing video above. Consider your hands infected once you arrive, so limit touching items and surfaces as much as possible and don’t touch your face or hair until you’ve washed them. If you touch your mobile phone while there then consider that to be infected as well, so you’ll need to wipe it down with an antimicrobial wipe, or solution on a damp rag, before handling.

Stay safe everybody, lets follow the guidelines and get this thing over and done with as quick as we can!

Much Aroha!