Saving neglected teeth

We often see people who have let their regular dental checks slide. Sometimes because of circumstances or because they seem to “feel okay”. Unfortunately many dental conditions that can become quite advanced often have no pain and if left over time, problems can become quite complicated and expensive. The old saying of “a stitch in time” holds true.

Sometimes people are aware of bleeding gums, sensitive areas or holes “that things get stuck in” but leave them because they aren’t “bad enough yet”. Some of these teeth even lead to abscesses when the bacteria present in the decay causes the nerve area (pulp) of the tooth to die. People sometimes even feel too embarrassed to get treatment.

Should cost be a factor, your dentist can stabilise broken or decayed teeth, and you can proceed with more permanent solutions when circumstances allow.

The great news is that modern dentistry offers so many new options and possibilities we didn’t have in the past. Most broken or badly chipped teeth can be rebuilt to look as good as new….even better sometimes. White fillings, porcelain options, whitening and even laser treatment enable dentistry to not only repair and save most teeth but to enhance the appearance of them. We regularly help people who have neglected dental problems to be able to chew normally without sensitivity or pain and to smile confidently.

A stitch in time saves nineThe key, as always, is to visit your dentist as soon as you can to keep things easier and cheaper. For those who are feeling anxious then discuss this with your dentist and they will go over the options to help you relax or even have sedation. We have numerous patients who use oral sedation and sleep their way through appointments!

A bit like rust on a car, the sooner you start treating it, the better.